avatar for Jose AlvarezJose Alvarez

International law, international organizations,international investment regime, bilateral investment treaties, investor-state dispute settlement

avatar for Maria Adele CarraiMaria Adele Carrai

International Law, Legal History, International Relations

avatar for Zhihong ChenZhihong Chen

Modern Chinese history, Chinese Foreign Policy, Chinese Business Case Studies, Business Chinese language and culture

avatar for Jian ChenJian Chen

History of Chinese-American Relations, Modern Chinese History, Chinese Foreign Policy and Security Strategies, Cold War International History

avatar for Lily H. ChumleyLily H. Chumley

Semiotics, economic anthropology, media studies

avatar for Jerome A. CohenJerome A. Cohen

Chinese law and society, human rights in China, US-China economic cooperation, China-Taiwan relations, international and comparative law

avatar for Peter Alan DuttonPeter Alan Dutton

International Law, Law of the Sea, Maritime Delimitation Law, Sovereignty Law, Resource Law

avatar for Cynthia EstlundCynthia Estlund

Labor, trade unions, collective bargaining, labor regulation, labor dispute resolution.

avatar for Anna GreenspanAnna Greenspan

Urbanization and technological change, media theory, philosophy of technology and urban studies

avatar for Chenghe GuanChenghe Guan

Urban planning, urban science, urban computation, post-pandemic cities, low-carbon cities

avatar for Brian HallBrian Hall

Mental health; migration; social determinants; China

avatar for Amir HampelAmir Hampel

Anthropology; youth; identity; mental health; Chinese medicine

avatar for Roderick M. Hills Jr.Roderick M. Hills Jr.

Constitutional Law; Federalism; Property; Administrative Law; Local Government.

avatar for James HsiungJames Hsiung

international relations, incl. int’l law, IPE, rational choice, geoeconomics, geopolitics.

avatar for Kangning HuangKangning Huang

Environmentalism, urbanization, climate change

avatar for Sophia KalantzakosSophia Kalantzakos

Rare earths, Sino-US competition, BRI, ecological civilization, EU-China relations

avatar for Rebecca E. KarlRebecca E. Karl

China’s Revolutions, Radicalism, Gender, Mao Zedong, Modernity.

avatar for Ji Eun KimJi Eun Kim

Accountability and transparency, rule of law, contentious politics, formal modeling, computational text analysis

avatar for Yifei LiYifei Li

Environmental governance, belt and road, ecological civilization, coercion, environmental authoritarianism

avatar for Xuan LiXuan Li

Psychology, fatherhood, parent-child interactions and relationships, and children and adolescents’ socioemotional development in contemporary Chinese societies

avatar for Ying LiYing Li

Urbanization in China, Suzhou Creek, Contemporary Shanghai Architecture, Urban Gentrification, Pocket Space

avatar for Xiaojun LiXiaojun Li

International Political Economy, International Security, Regional Focus: Northeast Asia, Southeast Asia, North America

avatar for Jiayong LiangJiayong Liang

Geographic information science, remote sensing, environment-tech industries

avatar for Han LinHan Lin

China Banking, RMB Internationalization, China capital controls, China monetary policy, China foreign exchange policy

avatar for Michele MatteiniMichele Matteini

‘Eccentric’ (guai) painting and its reception, the material culture of Qing Dynasty antiquarian studies, transcultural exchanges, and the history of Beijing

avatar for William A. McGrathWilliam A. McGrath

Buddhism, Tibet, medicine, religion, history.

avatar for Jia MiaoJia Miao

Urban sociology, neighborhood effects, health inequality, population aging, social survey methods.

avatar for Christopher PaikChristopher Paik

International politics, comparative political economy, political geography, economic history, Asia

avatar for Weixian PanWeixian Pan

Chinese media infrastructure, visual politics, film and digital media, techno-environments, geopolitics

avatar for Craig ProtzelCraig Protzel

Web development, computer science, design, multi-media production and storytelling

avatar for Ivan Willis RasmussenIvan Willis Rasmussen

International Relations, Comparative Politics, Chinese Foreign Affairs

avatar for Moss RobertsMoss Roberts

Chinese philosophy, literature, language, modern Asian history.

avatar for Lena ScheenLena Scheen

Urbanization in China, Shanghai History and Culture, Cultural Heritage
Historical Memory, Chinese Literature

avatar for Tansen SenTansen Sen

Asian history and religions, India-China interactions, Indian Ocean connections, and Buddhism

avatar for Thomas StreinzThomas Streinz

Digital silk road, data governance, digital infrastructure, trade, TPP

avatar for Joanna Waley-CohenJoanna Waley-Cohen

Qing history; China’s global connections; legal history, culinary history, political culture

avatar for Jing WangJing Wang

ICTs, cultural studies, political economy, fintech, China studies

avatar for Yijun WangYijun Wang

History of technology, material culture, Qing history, craft, trans-regional exchange

avatar for Shuang WenShuang Wen

Modern Chinese history, the Middle East, religious and secular ideas, food.

avatar for Katherine WilhelmKatherine Wilhelm

Katherine Wilhelm’s research focuses on domestic Chinese law and civil society. Katherine is Executive Director, US Asia Law Institute and Adjunct Professor of Law.

avatar for Angela Xiao WuAngela Xiao Wu

Digital Technology, Knowledge Production, Media, Governance, Politics

avatar for Xiaogang WuXiaogang Wu

Education, Inequality and Social Mobility, Survey Research and Quantitative Methods, Urban Sociology, Social Demography, Chinese Society

avatar for Hentyle YappHentyle Yapp

Contemporary Art, Disability, Law, Global Asias, Race

avatar for Duncan M. YoonDuncan M. Yoon

Africa, China, postcolonialism, culture, Cold War

avatar for Minhao ZhaiMinhao Zhai

Silk Road; Dunhuang and Turfan Manuscripts; Buddhism; Chinese Religion; Ritual

avatar for Xudong ZhangXudong Zhang

Critical theory; modernism and modernity; theories of representation, narrative, and interpretation; political philosophy; aesthetics; and twentieth century Chinese literature and culture.

avatar for Amy ZhangAmy Zhang

environment, science and technology, urban studies, development, waste.

avatar for Lu ZhaoLu Zhao

Chinese divination; Classicism; Expert Knowledge

avatar for Zhiqiu Benson ZhouZhiqiu Benson Zhou

Media Culture, Queer Studies, Gender, Race, Digital Media

avatar for Angela ZitoAngela Zito

Embodiment and visuality in China, Documentary film, Family and state, filial piety.

avatar for Lala ZuoLala Zuo

History, art, East Asia

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