Mapping Global China provides maps, datasets, and research on Chinese overseas engagement, including the Belt and Road Initiative, to help understand its impact.

Mapping Global China transcends the boundaries of a mere research endeavor to embody a holistic platform that blends rigorous data analysis, innovative educational strategies, multimedia engagement, and active community collaboration. By interweaving a multitude of voices and perspectives on Global China, we dedicate ourselves to a better understanding of a sustainable, equitable, and closely connected global order.

Mapping Global China has been funded by NYU Shanghai through the Boost Fund, NYU with the Humanities Seed Grant and Rapid Response Technical Assistance Grant, and the British Academy through the Global Convening Programme and Knowledge Translation Program.

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China Planet: Ecological Civilization and Global Climate Governance

A growing number of Western environmentalists have speculated that China’s quest for “ecological civilization” may yet save the planet from catastrophe. The ecological civilization formulation, endorsed by China’s top leadership and enshrined since 2012 in the Communist Party Constitution, promises material prosperity, social harmony, and a new vision for a green, China-inspired future. Indeed, as

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Can China Lead Global AI Governance?

Why AI Governance? The rapid development of AI has created a series of governance challenges that need to be tackled. To start with, the development of AI is going to transform future employment and workforce. It is estimated that up to 100 million Chinese will face employment change by 2030, making China the most affected

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