The Mapping Global China Initiative consists of a group of professionals with varied backgrounds and experiences, all devoted to our mission. Our team is dedicated to assisting in the utilization of data and maps, as well as collaborating with experts, to effectively communicate their research to the public. Our ultimate goal is to foster a greater comprehension of China’s global relations and presence and facilitate meaningful discussions on this vital matter.



Maria Adele Carrai

Founder and Managing Director


Jiayong Liang

Founder and Director of Technology

Charles Chang

Director of Research

Jennifer Rudolph

Director of Education and Development


Dale Aluf

Founder of Political Mind, a think tank specializing in geostrategy, cyber politics, and China policy

Michele Geraci

Head of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, Movimento Indipendenza

David A Palmer

Professor, Hong Kong Institute for the Humanities and Social Sciences, The University of Hong Kong


Xiaojiao Wang

Communications and Research Manager

Bhagya Senaratne

Communications and Research


Radek Sabadka

Communications and Research

Aziz Abdullaev

Web Developer


Anna Gori

Website Designer

Sylvia Ma

Website Designer

Hideko Mitani Shen

Research Assistant

Minxin Chen

Research Assistant

Xuyan Gao

Research Assistant

Yeduo Pu

Research Assistant

Xinchen Zhao

Research Assistant