What is Global China?

A talk about China’s international rise, reach, and relations, drawing insights from regions like South Asia and Africa. With Professors  Lauren Johnston,  Tansen Sen, and Timothy Oakes

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The Belt and Road Initiative Revisited: Times for Restart?

Through the presentation of various case studies, this workshop aims to analyze China’s Belt and Road Initiative since its launch in the middle of the 2010s and to assess the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the war on Ukraine on its implementation and development. It is the result of collaboration between the BRImpact research

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The Future of US-China Tech Relations: Blockchain, Crypto, and Central Bank Digital Currency

How is China regulating data, blockchain, and the emerging Web3? China’s regulatory approach is based on “cyber sovereignty.” The government actively promotes blockchain technology and has advanced plans for a sovereign digital currency, while also strictly prohibiting crypto mining and trading. With respect to the latest Web3 and metaverse developments, China’s tech companies are working

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