How to use the data

At Mapping Global China, our mission is centered around fostering informed discussions, expanding debates, and deepening the understanding of Global China. Our ultimate aim is to contribute to a more connected and well-informed world, one that embraces diversity, collaboration, and equitable development.

To achieve this, we leverage our unique datasets, interactive webmaps, and educational resources. These tools allow us to provide a comprehensive and data-driven understanding of China’s global economic activities, shedding light on its multifaceted engagements.

In line with our commitment to education and accessibility, we are currently developing a series of educational videos. These videos will serve as helpful guides, demonstrating how to effectively utilize our datasets. By explaining the ins and outs of our data, we aim to empower individuals to make the most of this valuable resource and uncover new insights.


Recognizing the power of storytelling, we transform raw data first into illustrative maps, which evolve into captivating narratives. These narratives portray the more specific and nuanced economic and cultural facets of Global China. Our storytelling and storymaps initiatives aim to capture the voices of a diverse array of contributors ranging from students to the wider public. Through narratives and storymaps, we illuminate the diverse and complex effects of China’s global footprint, ranging from the expansion of railway networks in Mongolia to lithium extraction in Chile. By converting data into visualizations and compelling narratives, we offer innovative tools for teaching critical and creative thinking, encouraging the application of data and concepts to real-world scenarios. Tailored to support educators across diverse academic domains, our resources promote cross-disciplinary dialogue and collaboration through a combination of maps and the art of storytelling.