It is a series of interviews that brings together experts and scholars to engage in informal discussions regarding the concept of Global China and the complexities involved in mapping its presence. The interviews delve into a wide range of topics, such as China's Belt and Road Initiative, its economic investments and partnerships, diplomatic engagements, cultural exchanges, and geopolitical strategies. Participants discuss the complexities inherent in mapping these activities due to their diverse nature, varying degrees of transparency, and the evolving dynamics of China's global footprint. By engaging in informal conversations, the series aims to foster an open and candid dialogue, encouraging participants to freely express their opinions, debates, and disagreements. This format allows for a deeper exploration of the nuances, contradictions, and emerging trends related to China's global presence, offering listeners a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter.


List of events related to Mapping Global China.


It highlights how Mapping Global China dataset is used in news coverage related to China's global activities. We hope the mapping global china dataset serves as a valuable resource for journalists and news outlets, offering reliable information related to China's global presence. Its usage enhances the quality of reporting, enabling a deeper understanding of the impact and implications of China's global presence. It helps to counter misinformation or speculative narratives, ensuring accurate and reliable news coverage on Global China.